What people are saying...

  • Sam Sayad, Director of Guest Experience
    BC has played an integral role in developing the Sacramento Kings ELEVATE training curriculum over the course of two seasons. BC has the ability to engage and educate team members in a way which is captivating to the audience. BC’s passion for service and dedication to organizational success is unmatched!
    Sam Sayad, Director of Guest Experience
    Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center
  • Kevin Gober, Sr. Director Employee & Guest Experience
    BC, your consultative experience, passion for enhancing the Guest experience and ability to motivate and inspire groups from Executives to the Front Line makes you an extraordinary resource for organizations across all industries. Specifically, your engagements throughout a variety of professional sports organizations, as well as University Athletic Departments, has truly impacted the culture and Fan/Guest experience within these institutions. Your keen ability to strategically gain alignment and buy-in at all levels to create and operationalize a “common purpose” and “organizational standards” provides organizations a platform for cultural transformations. I can’t say enough about your candor, humor and ability to see/feel the ideas that people want to convey and bring them to reality.
    Kevin Gober, Sr. Director Employee & Guest Experience
    Atlanta Hawks
  • Darryl Speach, Chief Learning Officer
    BC is hands down one the best subject matter experts and consultants I have ever had the pleasure to work with. With over 20 years of experience at the Walt Disney Company and the last five with the Disney Institute, BC offers a very unique blend of real-world best practices and industry leading HR know how - all of which is delivered through stellar facilitation skills and an engaging consultative approach.
    Darryl Speach, Chief Learning Officer
    Majid Al Futtaim
  • Rob J Castillo
    I had the pleasure of working along side BC Johnson in many projects focused on enhancing the customer experience and improving the dynamics of organizations in many industries. BC's extraordinary trajectory in large projects focused in organizational culture and other people initiatives, gives him a unique edge to help companies of any size improve their businesses from the human capital side as well as the operational side. As a leader, BC challenged me in many opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and take calculated risk which has helped me throughout my career. In the highly competitive world of consulting, BC's unique approach and extensive experience will give any organization the competitive edge.
    Rob J Castillo
    Director of Global Brand Development, PF Changs
  • Betsy Jordyn, President
    I have known Bill Carl for almost 20 years. I worked with him as a fellow Organization Development Consultant at Walt Disney World and sought his advice throughout the years of running my own consulting business. Of the hundreds of consultants I have worked with and mentored, Bill Carl stands out in his ability to help his clients quickly create tangible business outcomes. He deftly helps his high-achieving clients connect the dots between how leadership excellence and employee engagement and performance outcomes such as customer service and profitability. Furthermore, his business acumen and depth of consulting expertise is only matched by his absolute commitment to being a positive influence to those around him. I am a better consultant and business owner because of Bill’s unwavering support and insight to help me achieve my goals.
    Betsy Jordyn, President
    Accelera Consulting Group
  • Rick Steinbacher, Senior Associate Athletic Director
    BC Johnson led an internal culture and external customer service initiative for Carolina Athletics for several years. He is an outstanding partner, exceptional facilitator in large group, small team and individual settings, and stimulated changes in our organization that will enhance all of our operations for many years. We have experienced strong revenue growth for several years since our initiative and have seen tremendous positive changes in our internal culture. BC is an outstanding colleague and an even better person.
    Rick Steinbacher, Senior Associate Athletic Director
    University of North Carolina
  •  Kevin Saal, Director of Athletics
    BC was (and continues to be) an integral fabric of our organization. The cultural change our organization has experienced over the last 2-3 years has been remarkable. Not only have we enhanced our service framework at events, dialing into the critical details of the “driveway to driveway” experience, we have learned to better serve ourselves internally within the organization; so that we are better equipped to externally execute our standards & behaviors outlined within our common purpose. Simply put, BC has ushered our organization through a unique and profound transformation. His development and delivery of materials unique to his audiences, is unparalleled. He is a talented speaker who impassions his audience on the subject matter and the unique role each individual plays towards collective success. Most importantly (and uniquely) long after the contractual professional affiliation has ended, BC continues to play an important role within our organization. He is vested in our success and routinely spends time with our team beyond his obligations. He continues to develop us as professionals (positively influencing the organization) in a highly competitive service industry. In closing, BC provides our organization with a competitive edge; an advantage about which our competition has observed and inquired.
    Kevin Saal, Director of Athletics
    Murray State University