Strategically Improving Alignment to Create Customer-Centric Cultural Transformations

Bill Carl “BC” Johnson and Kevin Harry are the principal partners of The BCJ Group specializing in aligning corporate cultures to organizations’ business strategies. The modern customer and employee expect a high level of service and care that is personalized, simple, and enjoyable. The BCJ accomplishes this by utilizing former Disney leaders and years of expertise connecting corporate cultures to the employee and customer experience.

We are dedicated to your objectives and growth. Our inclusive approach shares and transfers knowledge between our organization and yours. A key component of this is the human service delivery that exists between leaders, employees and customers. This is where the culture come alive. The process allows organizations to form new and creative learning opportunities for both leaders and employees.

Our results-oriented approach enables an organization to drive the most impactful solution, providing you the most value for investment. Activating our collaborative, strategic plan can include cultural, employee and customer experience transformation; process and organization design; learning and development; content development; talent optimization and CX experience insights and measurement. We provide specialized expertise and tools to make this happen including:

Employee and Customer Journey

By illuminating an organization’s culture, you can begin to create a world-class experience for your customers and organization. Additionally, a more developed culture supports an environment of employee engagement that consistently exceeds expectations, driving a reputation for service excellence.

Your organizational culture is directly connected to how your employees interact with your customers. This has always been true, but is magnified in importance by the exponential growth in employee-customer touchpoints due to the role of technology and social media. In fact, the number of interactions between employees and customers can only be adequately understood by a complete map of the customer journey and seeing how where all the touchpoints are.

Everything from internet ads, online chat, third-party customer service, and even the number and variety of feedback methods can have an effect on your brand, and your internal organizational culture will be reflected in all of those areas.

Having an objective, outside viewpoint and voice can make all the difference in understanding, acting on, or creating the most employee- and customer-centric experience for all involved.

Embedded Solutions


Predictive Index

Benefits to Your Organization

Organizations who engage in this type of organizational and cultural work can expect to experience the following typical business outcomes:

Improved employee and leadership engagement and performance:

  • Improved work environment, empowerment and teamwork
  • Improved operational efficiency, effectiveness and reduced silos
  • Increased innovation, agility and creativity

Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  • Improved positive customer perception and brand recognition
  • Improved customer desire to repeat and recommend (higher NPS scores)
  • Improved per Customer spending

Greater growth positioning:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Improved organizational agility

The BCJ Group looks forward to helping you to improve all the experiences for your partners, employees, and customers. Please contact us through our web page at and/or via email at