The BCJ Group empowers organizations to rise above their competition by clarifying the organization’s culture and aligning customer-centric business strategies to a blueprint of success accomplished by leveraging years of Disney expertise connecting corporate cultures to the employee and customer experience.


We utilize an experienced network of former Disney Leaders that have worked through all levels of guest and employee engagement. Our team brings decades of knowledge acquired from the front lines of guest interaction, involvement in global launches, worldwide sporting events, development and implementation experts, executive boardroom facilitator and more. We have the classic Disney approach of customer service excellence in our DNA and we are able to share every aspect of our expertise with you.


We are dedicated to your objectives and growth. We have years of experience in designing, implementing and sustaining customer-centric cultures. We are inclusive in our approach and as we transfer our knowledge, this process will allow for new and creative learning opportunities for leaders and employees.


We are results oriented and able to drive the most impactful solution, providing you the most value for your investment. Utilizing real time data we customize a plan to fit your needs. Activating the strategic plan can include: Cultural, Employee and Customer experience transformation, process and organization design, learning and development, content development and training.

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

Are you ready to think differently and evolve?

Sometimes all it takes is someone to hear your vision, understand where you want to go, and help connect the dots to get there. Sometimes we don’t even know what we need, but understand that impactful insights regarding your business can come from the outside. We are here to help identify what it will take to make this experience one that keeps your customers and employees coming back for more.

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