What Happens in Your Organization Does Not Stay in Your Organization

Author: Kyle Hudson Partner A recent BCJ Group client engagement brought to mind an important point that often gets overlooked: your internal customers, more commonly referred to as employees, are no different than your external customers. They may have different wants and needs, but the approach an organization takes to each group should be the […]

Instant Feedback ‘Smiley’ Buttons Go Touchless in Pandemic

A key Certified Partner of The BCJ Group, HappyOrNot®️, was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal for their brilliant response to their well known Smiley feedback terminals. The co-founder and Executive VP of Strategic Alliances, Ville Levaniemi, provided insights to their swift adjustments in the article “Instant Feedback ‘Smiley’ Buttons Go Touchless in Pandemic”. […]

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Culture and the Employee Journey?

The term “culture” gets used a lot in organizations – and although culture isn’t a buzzword it does seem to have a fungible meaning that can make it seem more like marketing speak than an actual, viable piece of any workplace strategy. However, just because a term may be overused it does not mean it […]

“Help us help you”: Why The BCJ Group?

The BCJ Group’s unique expertise in business culture, employee engagement, and guest experience helps illuminate the culture of an organization and ensure that culture is implemented throughout the entire organization. We understand that inspired leaders and motivated employees are empowered to exceed customer expectations, drive results, and increase customer retention. This type of organizational environment […]