The Importance of Recognition

Author: Jeanna Prevette Spend any time talking to the CEO of a rewards and recognition service provider and they will tell you: recognition programs are misunderstood and undervalued. Of course, they would and should say that but the fact is they are mostly correct: many organizations take the easier path of finding and correcting mistakes […]

How retail is evolving and why customer feedback data is essential

A key collaborator for of The BCJ Group, HappyOrNot®️, recently shared impactful updates and retail industry insights around the evolution of the industry over the last year. Many of our clients are recognizing these trends and how important immediate, “real-time” customer feedback is with regard to all aspects of their businesses. At the start of […]

In-Office or Remote, Leaders Must Adapt to Modern Methods of Managing Teams

Author: Kevin Harry – Managing Partner Except for a few specific job roles and industries, working remotely is here to stay, so how do you continue to build a cohesive work team and bring clarity to remote teams? It all begins with looking at what hasn’t changed for employees: the need for meaningful work. Employees […]

Personal Branding for Student athletes: Lessons from Companies Looking to Hire

Author: BC Johnson BCJ Group has extensive experience working in both corporate branding and with professional sports and athletics organizations, which made us realize we were uniquely positioned to give an often overlooked group in the world of corporate hiring (Athletic Directors) a set of tools that put that expertise to use. The first in […]

Feedback Done Right: Real-time Conversations

Author: Morgan Palmer – The BCJ Group Partner Anyone reading this has probably had the misfortune of sitting through an annual performance review. Similarly, you’re probably also aware that those are so universally despised that there has been a movement away from annual reviews that has been going on for over a decade. So if […]