“Help us help you”: Why The BCJ Group?

The BCJ Group’s unique expertise in business culture, employee engagement, and guest experience helps illuminate the culture of an organization and ensure that culture is implemented throughout the entire organization.

We understand that inspired leaders and motivated employees are empowered to exceed customer expectations, drive results, and increase customer retention.

This type of organizational environment creates a world-class experience for customers, clients, fans, and everyone involved with the organization. Additionally, it supports an environment of employee engagement that consistently exceeds expectations, driving a reputation for service excellence.

An organization’s business models include three dynamic points of focus:

1. Management infrastructure

2. Operating systems

3. Mindsets, capabilities, and behaviors

The BCJ Group focuses on these elements in the organization, which are often overlooked. Developing and evolving the mindsets, capabilities, and behaviors of the leaders, employees, and customers define an organization's culture and lead to success.

Our approach to business transformation involves three pillars:

1. Business strategy

2. Organizational strategy

3. People strategy

These must be aligned and have equal emphasis for business transformation to be successful. The BCJ Group examines and evaluates the alignment, capabilities, and motivation within these strategies to effectively implement and support the vision, while building a culture by design, instead of by default. We have a proven framework that anchors every leader and employee into a shared understanding of what the organization’s shared values are, in order to deliver the best customer experiences that are consistent, sustainable, and world-class. Our expertise enables us to clarify organizational culture and ensure it is implemented and sustained throughout the entire organization.

Engaging in this type of organizational and cultural work can produce the following typical business outcomes. Improved employee and leadership engagement and performance:

• Improved work environment, empowerment, and teamwork

• Improved operational efficiency, effectiveness, and reduced silos

• Increased innovation, agility, and creativity Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

• Improved positive customer perception and brand recognition

• Improved customer desire to repeat and recommend

• Improved spending per customer Greater growth positioning

• Improved productivity

• Improved profitability

What differentiates us from others

• We have years of experience in designing, implementing, and sustaining business cultures. We are inclusive in our approach and as we transfer our knowledge. This process will allow for new, evolving creative opportunities for leaders and employees

• We have provided culture alignment services to an array of companies, both domestically and internationally, and can apply our experience from many other industries to increase deliverable quality

• By partnering with us, you will maximize your team’s time, capacity, and resource investment, while avoiding unnecessary costs associated with false starts and misaligned activities. We become part of your team to maximize success

• Our group can bring a multitude of additional expertise ranging from data analytics, creativity and innovation, pricing and revenue maximization, organizational development, content design, and international tourism solutions

• We go beyond simply delivering training session solutions. We engage your team in a way that provides a solid return on investment – beyond expectations with measurable results.

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